About Us


Step into Afro Söder – where modern Swedish décor and excellent services meet the West African way of life. Afro Söder isn't just a place to get a haircut or shave; it is the hub of the community - where people come together to bond, socialize and exchange ideas. With the goal of creating an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable, Afro Söder, a barbershop located in Stockholm, has created a concept that goes well beyond cuts, shaves and dreads.

Afro Söder specializes in men's haircuts from the longer styles to clipper cuts, as well as other services including dreadlocks, braids, hair extensions, pedicure and manicure. 


Team Afro Söder is here to help you gain an identity. We know you need the right haircut to project who you are. Your hairstyle influences the way you feel about yourself and the way people see you and address you.

Team Afro Söder consists of trained professionals who will hook you up with the latest styles, as well as fresh interpretations of the classics. We work the shop’s five chairs six days a week to get you looking and feeling your best.

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